Our Dedication to Quality Starts with Our Farmers

The Heart of Funwave

Our farmers are an integral part of our funwave team, some of whom are working with us since day 1!  They cultivate & grow our potato as well as work hard every day to make sure they can provide potatoes best quality products to customers. We are greatful to have them in our team.

Our team is always in touch at ground level with dedicated farmers for growing & harvesting best quality of potatoes, which assures us the best quality of potatoes & other Agri products in our finished goods products.

Farm-Fresh, Expertly Grown Potatoes

Farming is not a easy task – it requires hard work, dedication, and a deep understanding of the land and the crops being grown. Our farmers are experts in their field and use sustainable and responsible farming practices to ensure that the potatoes they grow are of the highest quality.

The farming process begins with testing the soil for its pH level and nutrition content, accordingly the land is prepared then best type of potato seeds are selected for cultivation, tiling and fertilising of land is done for ensuring optimal growth condition, once the land is prepared, the potato seeds are planted and carefully tended to throughout the growing season under observation of our well trained and experienced agronomy team.

Our farmers use sustainable and responsible farming practices to ensure that the potatoes they grow are not only delicious and nutritious, but also grown in an environmentally friendly manner. This may include using cover crops to improve soil health, implementing integrated pest management techniques, and using precision agriculture technology to conserve water and reduce chemical inputs.

In addition to their expertise in growing potatoes, our farmers are also dedicated to producing them responsibly. Through our sustainable farming practices, we can ensure that the potatoes we produce are not only good for our customers but also for the environment.

Ultimately, the hard work and dedication of our farmers results in potatoes of the highest quality that are enjoyed by many families. We take great pride in the potatoes we grow, and our commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices ensures that we can continue to provide delicious, healthy potatoes in future.

Farm-to-Table Success:
Our 2,500 Partner Farmers Keep Our Potato Snacks Tasty, Fresh and Delicious

We are proud to partner with 2,500 skilled and dedicated farmers and value the important role they play in our company. Without their hard work and commitment, we would not be able to bring our delicious and convenient frozen potato snacks to market.

Did You Know?

India is the world's second-largest producer of potatoes, after China.

India is the world's second-largest producer of potatoes, after China. It has a suitable climate and soil and grows a wide variety of potatoes and it is an important food crop and cash crop for many farmers, particularly those in the state of Uttar Pradesh, providing significant income for the nation's agricultural sector. Despite challenges, Indian farmers are able to maintain steady output, making India an important player in the global potato market.

Potatoes: A Dual-Purpose Crop for Indian Farmers, Providing both Food Security and Revenue from Exports

Potatoes play a dual role in Indian agriculture, acting as a staple food crop for both urban and rural populations while also serving as a significant cash crop for farmers. Potato exports are a major source of revenue, providing a boost to the nation's agricultural sector and helping to support the livelihoods of farmers across the country.

Boosting Potato Production: High-Yielding and Disease-Resistant Varieties Developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has developed several high-yielding potato varieties that are resistant to pests and diseases, helping to increase the productivity and profitability of potato farming.

The state of Uttar Pradesh is the largest potato-producing state in India, with over 32% of the country's total potato production.

Uttar Pradesh is the top potato producing state in India, accounting for a substantial 32% of the total potato production in the country. This state has suitable conditions for potato production like climate, soil, availability of water which makes it a major hub for potato farming. This state alone produces a large portion of India's potato output, making it a vital part of the country's agricultural sector.

Sustainable Farmer Support

Partner with Us for a Brighter Farming Future

We believe in supporting our farmers and training them for creating a sustainable and
mutually-beneficial partnership. We are grateful for the dedication and expertise of our
farming partners and are proud to work with them to bring the best-tasting potato snacks to
our customers.